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7 trials of being a Muslim in our times

"How do you guys celebrate new year in Pakistan in line with Islamic principles?” a very learned German friend of mine asked me last New Year’s Eve in Sweden. Coming from a person well-versed in history and contemporary politics,


Brooklyn Man Sentenced to 22 Years in Prison for Breaking into Woman’s Home and Assaulting Arresting Officer

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson today announced that a 25-year-old man from East New York, Brooklyn, was sentenced to 22 years in prison

Pakistan raises issue of F-16 sale with visiting US commander

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Monday raised the unresolved issue of F-16 sale to Pakistan and expressed concern with the visiting commander of US Central Command (Centcom) General Joseph Votel.

Pakistan in 2016: A Security Overview

Research and write-up by Zeb Nasir
Infographic design by Zara Haque

The first quarter of 2016 saw a sharp rise in terrorist attacks across Pakistan, in spite of robust government-led attempts to implement its 20-point National Action Plan. In terms of lethality, the attack on Lahore’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park on Easter Sunday topped the list of deadliest attacks during the reporting quarter

'Honor killings': Why Pakistan must act against this brutality

By Sherry Rehman

The savage murder of a young girl at the hands of her own family and community made headlines last month for the sheer scale of its pre-mediated brutality.

Law Office of Mujahid Ali Khan(Attorney at Law)