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Mayor Bill deBlasio Congratulates Mayor Chicago  Rahm Emanuel, for taking steps toward bringing universal pre-k to Chicago's kids next year

MSNBC News - New York’s JFK airport tests passengers from Ebola-inflicted countries

Some passengers traveling to the United States by way of New York City will now be screened upon arrival for Ebola in a joint effort between the U. S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Pashto Music Comes to New York

By Mohsin Zaheer

Sparlay Rawail, a lead guitarist and percussion player for the Pashtun musical group “Khumariyaan,” believes that music is a universal language. He said that he, along with his other band members have not only had a good experience in communicating with American audiences through music but also believe that they have left a good impression about the Pashtun culture.

Opinion: License undocumented residents to drive legally in New Jersey

By Erika J. Nava

Allowing all residents the opportunity to drive legally would make New Jersey safer, help its economy and increase the well-being of many families. The Garden State should follow the lead of 11 states and Washington D.C., and ensure that all drivers – regardless of their immigration status – are tested, trained, licensed, insured and accountable for their driving records.

Yasir's Cancer Battle

Yasir Raja has been diagnosed with spinal cancer. At age 28 he is the father of a beautiful 2 year old daughter. He is already fighting with multiple spinal herniations for which he has undergone spinal fusion surgery for one of four herniations.

Asia Society Honors Jack Ma, Other 'Asia Game Changers' at United Nations

Asia Society tonight honored Jack Ma, Chairman of the Alibaba Group, and 12 other leaders and institutions as its inaugural class of Asia Game Changers. The ceremony, held at the United Nations in New York City,