PML-N, PPP responsible for ruining country: Waheed Sultan

NEW YORK : All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) New York local leader Waheed Sultan has said that both the PML-N and PPP repeatedly came into power one following the other but ruined the country due to their ill framed policies.


In his statement he said there is dire need to bring about change in the present set-up in Pakistan - if no change is brought, the future of the country will definitely plunge into darkness.


Sultan  said that both the PML-N and PPP came into power two to three times but they disappointed the masses as they only served their own interests. He expressed his deep concerns over the present state of affairs in the country. He said that there existed every kind of resources and capabilities in the country but the rulers only remained busy in corruption, looting and plunder.


Waheed Sultan further said that the wealth of country is being looted instead of being utilised for the development projects. He said there is a dearth of leadership.


Waheed Sultan  said that after the era of former president Pervez Musharraf, the rulers filled their pockets and set up factories abroad with the money looted from the national exchequer. “The people of country were mislead under the guise of development,” he lamented.


He said that people across the globe and particularly in Pakistan wanted to see Musharraf back into power as they believe that the incumbent rulers will flee from the country after looting the national wealth.

Waheed Sultan reminded that during Musharraf era, the law and order situation was satisfactory as compared to the present one. He pointed out that the situation is being spoilt in the region by the aliens who are fanning hatred among the people.

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