CNG price reduction

THE Supreme Court, in continuation of its sparkling role, has again directed the government to reduce the CNG prices as the rising prices have severely hit the common man. I really wonder that if all such welfare-related measures are to be taken on the court directives, then why are we wasting such a big national exchequer on legislation and assemblies!

These welfare measures and controlling mechanism are the core responsibility of the state but nothing of the sort is coming from the government, thereby forcing the courts to issue such instructions.


SC’s Eid gift
PEOPLE are thankful to the Supreme Court on ordering the government to reduce CNG prices. This is the only institution on which people have high expectations. After this decision, it is clear now that the apex court is the only institution which delivers to the masses. This is an eye-opener for those who criticise the Supreme Court for fixing of price.

This has been proven that there is no relief for people unless the apex court intervenes. All are grateful to judiciary and honourable judges for making them happy, presenting this great gift on Eid. Hats off to them.


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